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What are AWS Cloud Design Patterns?

AWS Cloud Design Patterns (CDP) are a collection of knowledgebase articles that have been classified to provide easily understandable solutions and design ideas for typical issues when developing system architectures using AWS cloud technology. There are many designs and operational solutions developed by cloud architects. We have chosen some that are useful in a cloud environment and categorized them, converting them from an implicit to a more formalized body of knowledge. Some of the patterns in this wiki can be used without requiring cloud technology as well as the ones which have been already attained; we have decided to include them, however, when deemed to be useful in cloud solutions and when they can be used easily and at a lower cost by incorporating cloud technologies. CDP is a culmination of many architects who shared their expertise. This is a beta website of AWS Cloud Design Patterns.

Description of AWS Cloud Design Patterns

AWS Cloud Design Patterns will be described along the following items.

  • Pattern Name/Summary
    • Pattern name, summary and brief description
  • Solving Issues
    • Description of typical issues that led to pattern creation, and what issues/challenges can be solved through its implementation
  • Explanation of pattern / Resolution in the Cloud
    • Description of the terms or how to solve the problems in the cloud; why any pattern, or a description of the configuration has become a pattern of what
  • Implementation
    • Description about how to implement the pattern using AWS
  • Structure
    • Visualization of the pattern’s structure
  • Benefits
    • Description of the benefits from the pattern’s application
  • Notes
    • Description of tradeoffs, advantages, disadvantages and points to note when applying this pattern
  • Other
    • Comparison with other patterns, use cases and additional information

List of AWS Cloud Design Patterns

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